This article is here to help you find what you’re looking for from what I’ve authored. I have written several collections of articles about Bitcoin and have decided to organize them here for readers.

There are three collections so far:

Today’s Reality — Free or Civilized, Choose Only One.

If you want to live in today’s civilization you must accept the rules laid down by its rulers, even if those rules are unjust.

You must use the country’s currency, even though it is produced with no effort by and for those who rule the country. So you must work…

A second, hidden crisis that needs to be treated with sympathy.

Mr. Trudeau,

There are two health care emergencies in this country. I wish to make you more aware of and sympathetic to the second one.

The first, obviously, is the spread of Covid 19 that has lead to many deaths, especially in our aged and vulnerable population. However, the second…

Satoshi Nakamoto himself CREATED Bitcoin,
AND he also personified the SPIRIT of Bitcoin.

He was a perfect role model, demonstrating the highest intelligence, the highest integrity and, in fact, the greatest generosity.

Let Us First Discuss His Intelligence:

He solved what experts said was an unsolvable problem — The Byzantine General’s problem.
But he didn’t just…

Tomer Strolight

Destroying the lies that imprison people

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