Announcing Why Bitcoin, The Book

Tomer Strolight
4 min readFeb 21, 2022

I’m very pleased today to announce the availability of Why Bitcoin in book format for pre-order at a discounted price.

The book is available in hardcover and softcover versions. Both are photobooks containing 100% full-gloss, full-color spreads of twenty-seven articles that I originally published here on Medium.

For the book, I re-ordered the original collection into a more logical progression, re-edited them, re-titled many of them, and, in some cases, substantially re-wrote them.

I wanted to make this a beautiful collectors’ item or gift since it already was available in raw text in other electronic formats. This book is meant to be kept on display and actually read. It is suitable for beginners and Bitcoin connoisseurs alike.

More details are available at and at this twitter thread.

I’m currently taking orders in a bulk press run to be delivered in the US and Canada by early April. Afterwards, although it will be more expensive, it will be available as print-on-demand anywhere in the world. This pre-printing sale ends March 14, 2022.

Enough talk — let’s let it speak for itself. If you like what you see, please order it.