Beautiful Bitcoin

Tomer Strolight
4 min readMay 16, 2022


Beautiful Nature

The sun comes up.
There’s not a cloud in the sky.
It’s gonna be a beautiful day.

The birds chirp.
The flowers open.
Forest creatures scurry about.
It’s beautiful.

Nature is beautiful.

The beautiful sun
shines its beautiful energy
as warm, beautiful light
on the beautiful Earth.
And beautiful life,
comes alive.

Inside the sun,
the immense work of intense gravity
creates the energy,
that makes all this beauty possible,

On Earth,
in the glowing radiance of the sun,
beautiful variety blossoms.
The trees grow tall.
The herbs spread across the forest floor.
The grasses take the plains.
The oceans and seas teem with life.
Insects swarm.
Birds flock.
It’s beautiful.

Everywhere you look
on planet Earth
there is beauty.

Beautiful Humans, Beautiful Civilization

Humans are beautiful.
Human civilization is beautiful.
Civilization is what emerges
from what is unique about humans.

No other animal
as we do.

No other creature
develops knowledge
at the scale that we do.
Knowledge so vast
that within each human
it is unique.

We apply our unique knowledge
in the specialized work
we each do.

We can offer the results
to other humans,
creating tremendous variety and beauty
in what is produced.
That is civilization.
And it is beautiful.

We make beautiful things for each other
Beautiful Clothes
Beautiful Homes
Beautiful Furniture
Beautiful Art
Beautiful, delicious, nutritious food
Beautiful music,
Beauty everywhere.

Like nature itself,
the aggregate is so beautiful,
it cannot even be fathomed
by any one individual.

Civilization’s beauty spreads
through the peaceful
and consensual
exchange of work.

Between beautiful people
who create,
and those
who appreciate the beauty
of what they created.

This is the beauty of civilization
And of humanity.

Beautiful Money

To achieve this beauty
we each need to be
and confident
in the knowledge
that when we work
to create something beautiful
for somebody else
we will be able to trade
that work of ours
for their appreciation and
for their work in return.
That is honor.

However, as we are so specialized,
it may not be the work of that individual
who obtained our creation
that we want in return.

It may be the work of another individual,
who in turn may want the work of yet another individual,
who may want the work of yet some other group of individuals in return.

Money solves this.
It is money that makes beautiful civilization possible.
It allows each of us
to focus on the things that we are very best at
and to make them
as beautifully as we possibly can.

But not just any money will do.
To maintain a beautiful civilization,
which requires honest, beautiful work,
money must itself
be created with good, honest work.

Beautiful money,
for beautiful people,
doing beautiful work
in a beautiful civilization
on a beautiful planet.

Ugly Money

Tragically, we live in a world of ugly money.
Money that does not reward creative, hard workers for their beautiful work.
Money that is used to obtain and sustain power by those who don’t work.
Money for those who take what they want
and offer back something ugly that took no work to create.
Money which is nothing at all.
Money that is a swindle.

This ugly money makes our once-beautiful civilization ugly.
It turns us from beautiful, hard-working, creative beings,
into screaming beggars,
demanding that the makers of this ugly money
print it in excess,
without any work,
and give it to us,
not for work,
but for checking a box
on a ballot.

This is how the beauty
of our civilization
is wrecked.

Bitcoin — A Beautiful Comeback

For those of us who love beauty,
who wish to bring it back into our civilization,
we need beautiful money
to wash away the ugly money.

Bitcoin is beautiful money.
Bitcoin can only be created by good, honest work.
It cannot be created, effortlessly, by those with money and power.
No wonder then that those who do no work fear and hate Bitcoin.
They fear and hate the prospect of doing work.
They cannot give themselves more bitcoin.
They cannot promise to give away any of it that they don’t have.
And they cannot control it.

This is what makes Bitcoin beautiful.

It restores hope
to workers and creators
who wish to work
to create the most beautiful things they can.

Bitcoin restores the opportunity
to be rewarded
for honest,
creative work.

Bitcoin isn’t just any money.
It is money that is just.

Just as nature’s beauty
flourishes in the beautiful sunlight,
human civilization’s beauty
can flourish in the
beautiful light of
beautiful Bitcoin.
Supporting beautiful work.
Leading to beautiful creations.
Making beautiful lives.
For beautiful, happy humans.
Frolicking, beautifully,
about the beautiful Earth.
At peace with one another.
In harmony with the environment.
In all of nature’s beauty and glory.
For beautiful day
after beautiful day.