Bitcoin is a Test

Tomer Strolight
3 min readJul 11, 2021


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Bitcoin Tests You

Bitcoin tests your curiosity.
Bitcoin tests your intelligence.
Bitcoin tests your patience.

It tests your character.
It tests your honesty.
It tests your integrity.
It tests your courage.

It tests your willingness to take risks.
It tests your care in avoiding unnecessary dangers.

It tests your ability to distinguish the truth from a lie.

It tests your conviction.
It tests your skills.
It tests your creativity.
It tests your independence.
It tests your relationships.
It tests your priorities.

It tests your mind.
It tests your body.
It tests your soul.

Bitcoin shows you the results of these tests.
Sometimes it rewards you. Other times it may punish you.
Yet within each test Bitcoin always teaches you a lesson.
That lesson is another test — a test to see what you will learn from that lesson.

Thus, Bitcoin is a Teacher

It teaches you about — you.
It teaches you to reshape and improve yourself.
It does this through its tests and lessons.
It lets you see the results.
Thus, Bitcoin is also a mirror.
The more you look into this mirror, the more it can show you — about you.

Observe How These Tests and Lessons Change You:

You grow and you can see your growth.

You see growth in your curiosity, your intelligence, your patience, your character, your honesty, your integrity, and your courage.

You learn to take ever increasing, yet calculated risks.
You get better at distinguishing truths from lies.
You see your conviction growing.

You develop new skills and you apply them.
You express your creativity and you bravely put it on display.
You see your independence rise and you shed your dependency on others.

You see previously unseen details in your relationships —
Relationships with other people, with organizations and with nature itself.
You make changes in these relationships — for the better.

You see the things that you have prioritized in your past.
You re-evaluate your priorities.
You establish new ones.

You activate and focus your mind more — you emerge from a slumber.
You take better care of your body — you emerge from being sedentary.
Maybe you even discover the true nature of your soul.

Bitcoin Changes You — But Only If You Let It

Bitcoin takes you on a journey —
A journey of education;
A journey filled with tests.
This educational journey takes place not in a classroom, but in reality itself.
It leads to a transformation.

It results in you looking in the mirror and liking what you see —
In loving who you are.
Each time you look in this mirror — after passing yet another test — you may love what you see even more.

This is what it means to be a successful human being:
To honestly and rationally know what you want.
To act virtuously to make your desires real.
To know it was you who did it.

Make the most of this life.
Take the test.