Bitcoin: Too Good To Be False

Is It Beautiful, Or a Trap?

How Good Can Things Get?

“If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

“If something appears too fast to be true, it usually is.”

Bitcoin Sounds Too Good To Be True … What If It Isn’t

And Then Along Comes Bitcoin…

  • If you don’t like government then Bitcoin’s proponents claim “it can’t be stopped, controlled or manipulated by governments;”
  • If you don’t like inflation, “Bitcoin has a limited supply that no one or no thing can inflate;”
  • If you don’t like theft, “bitcoins cannot be taken by force;”
  • If you don’t like cheating or manipulation, “Bitcoin’s rules cannot be broken and can only be changed when everyone agrees;”
  • If you don’t like rulers and leaders who betray their promises, “Bitcoin has no rulers.”
  • uncompromisingly well built,
  • completely truthful,
  • entirely incorruptible,
  • wholly indestructible, and
  • fully unseizable.
  • It is a history of every Bitcoin transaction ever,
  • which nobody can change,
  • no matter how powerful they are,
  • in which every single transaction is mathematically proven to be valid — not stolen, not counterfeited, not using already spent coins,
  • on which any person can verify every one of these claims for themselves,
  • and where they also strongly encouraged to do so.
The Sky’s The Limit

Check Your Premises

The Universe Is Benevolent — It Imposes No Limits on Goodness and No Requirement for Wrongness



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