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  • Reed aka Freedom Money

    Reed aka Freedom Money

    Bitcoiner, Mechanical Engineer, Truth Seeker, Pro-Nuclear, Pro-Energy, Pro-Human, Freedom Maximalist, Government Minimalist, God not Religion, Earth not ESG

  • The Fellowship of Bitcoin

    The Fellowship of Bitcoin

    E Pluribus Unum ⧊ — Out of Many, 1.

  • Handre van Heerden

    Handre van Heerden

    Bitcoin and Austrian Economics. Looking for a job as a Bitcoin Economist.

  • Jordi Alexander

    Jordi Alexander

    Game Theorist, and CIO of Selini Capital

  • bananaJ


  • Spinte


    Religious Zealot. #Bitcoin Carnivore. Toxic Maxi Christian Pleb. Memes are my peaceful weapon of choice. https://twitter.com/bitcoincrusader

  • Andre Evans

    Andre Evans

    “Come on in, the water’s fine!”

  • Mimesis Capital

    Mimesis Capital

    Bitcoin denominated family office fund focus on generational wealth preservation leveraging Bitcoin tech. We invest 100% of our liquid portfolio in Bitcoin.

  • 67Corvette


    Physician, Entrepreneur, Follower of Christ

  • Frederick Bott

    Frederick Bott


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