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Tomer’s Podcast Appearances

Tomer Strolight
4 min readAug 14, 2021

I’ve appeared on a number of podcasts since I started writing about Bitcoin.

Here’s where you can find those appearances. I’ve broken them down into three types of appearances (plus a fourth, my own podcast):

  1. Readings and Discussions of Particular Pieces of Writing (each of these podcasts contain me reading at least one of my pieces).
    I intend to focus most of my future appearances on this type of podcast. This will ensure that each appearance is fresh material and not a repeat of some other appearance.
    It is unlikely I’ll ever read the same piece twice. I’ll only do that if I have to change a piece materially or if there is some special thing to discuss about it.
    Follow me on Twitter for announcements of new readings. Several have been recorded but not yet released.
  2. General Bitcoin Discussions, covering all kinds of topics about Bitcoin (possibly also including discussion of my writing, but not including a reading).
  3. Biographical Interviews, I occasionally am asked to do interviews about myself. There are enough now that I will only do any more of these if something changes in my life that I want to inform people about.
  4. I also have my own podcast, For the Love of Bitcoin, and will link to that at the end.

1. Readings:

1. Essay: Don’t Tell Me There Are No Heroes in Bitcoin
Show: Citizen Bitcoin

2. Articles: Why Bitcoin, The Series, Unabridged Audiobook Read by Guy Swann

Why Bitcoin, The Series, Unabridged Audiobook read by Guy Swann

Also, Guy’s Take on these articles 1–7:

3. Essay: “Bitcoiners Aren’t Toxic, They Have Integrity” — From the Series “Who Are the Bitcoiners”
Show: Smart People Shit


And the Audio Is Here on all major podcast platforms.

4. Article 1: Why People Wonder if Bitcoin is Alien Technology
Article 2: Painting a Portrait of Bitcoin
Show: The Dumbest Guy in the Room

Click here to choose your podcast platform or play inline below:

5. Three readings in one!

Article 1: Why Bitcoin Is the Path to Economic Stability
Article 2: Why Nobody Can Stop Bitcoin
Article 3: Why Bitcoin Is Not Like Anything You’ve Seen Before

Show: Generation Bitcoin with Matt James


6. Four Readings in One on the Bitcoin Matrix

Article 1: Rich or Poor Bitcoiners Have What Money Can’t Buy
Article 2: Bitcoin is a Test
Article 3: Why Everything That Should Hurt Bitcoin Only Makes It Stronger
Article 4: Why Bitcoin is the Most Important Thing Happening in the World Right Now?

You can listen on any of these platforms:
Other Platforms

7. Bitcoin Is For Everyone (audio)

Available as a video reading on YouTube here.

8. The Problem With Ethereum (audio — Smart People Shit Podcast)

Available as a video reading on YouTube here.

2. Bitcoin Discussions

  1. What Bitcoin Did — “The Magic of Bitcoin”

2. The Keyvan Davani Connection — “The Wonder of Bitcoin”



3. The Dumbest Guy In The Room — “Choosing Bitcoin”

4. Swan Signal Live — “El Salvador”



5. Wake Up With Aleks Svetski — “Atlas Shrugged, Bitcoin and Objectivism”

6. Why We Are Bullish with BTCSessions

7. The Swiss Road To Crypto — Is Ethereum What It Claims To Be?

A great discussion about my article “The Problem With Ethereum” and my views on NFTs and DeFi.

8. John Vallis Rapid Fire — From the Fiat Self to the Bitcoin Self:

9. The Stephan Livera Podcast: Why Learn About Bitcoin

3. Biographical Interviews:

  1. The Radical Workplace



2. Mission: Bitcoin — From Militant Atheist to Belief in God

4. For The Love of Bitcoin:

Hardcore Bitcoin, Freedom and Self-Sovereignty. For responsible adults only.