“Moving Heaven and Earth” — How Bitcoin and Humans Will Actually Save the World

I came across an interesting twitter bio for a bitcoiner last week who goes by the handle “Peace of Bitcoin”. It read:

What if I told you, YOU could save earth and help it thrive for eternity? #bitcoinandbeyond I’m here for what happens next… #justmypeace #hodl

I knew this was possible based on a profound experience which showed me how Bitcoin, in combination with humans, would in fact save the Earth for eternity. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that someone else also appeared to have discovered this. So I sent her a couple of direct messages. This is the conversation that transpired:

“How do you think bitcoin helps the planet?
Correction, ‘saves’ the planet?”
Fri 9:27 PM

No reply came until Sunday, when I got this:

Hey sorry didn’t see your message. Strangely enough I changed my opinion/stance recently. The more I read into green energy, the more I realise what we’re fed is just bullshit.
Bitcoin doesn’t save the planet. It frees the people.
The planet doesn’t need or care about us
I just hope for more peace post hyperbitcoinisation
Your thoughts?
Sun 9:30 AM

So she hadn’t figured it out, I realized. I replied.

I can tell you how Bitcoin, working with humans, will actually save the Earth. I was just wondering if anyone else had come across how themselves.
Sun 10:08 AM

Seemingly doubtful, the following came back:

Indeed. Let me know if you are curious. The solution starts by answering the question “Without intervention, what will lead to the destruction of the Earth?”
No. Humans can’t destroy the planet. All our nuclear weapons combined aren’t 1/100,000th the power of the meteor that struck in the Gulf of Mexico, which didn’t destroy the Earth. It extincted the dinosaurs is all.
Good to know. So natural forces?
Yes. You’re allowed to Google for the answers. I’m not testing you to see what you already knew.
Google will show me what it thinks I should see… I’ll use a tor and see what it says.
Options are…AI? Global Population? Consumerism? Inefficiency?
Give me a clue? 🤔 Please.
Nope. None of those. There’s this big ball of fire in the sky though. We need something capable of actually DESTROYING a whole planet.
The sun…oh shit
Don’t panic. It’s not about to happen tomorrow. Do you know what happens to stars eventually?
Depends on their size
True. What happens to ones the size of ours?
The sun would grow as it runs out of hydrogen. Let me check
I was right! As it runs out of fuel it grows into a red giant and it’ll absorb planets to survive? But that’s all I know…I can keep googling…
Yes. It does absorb planets — not for the purpose of surviving, but because they happen to be in orbits narrower than its radius.
Oh boring, I wish they had minds of their own. But that makes sense. How can Bitcoin help?
Let’s not rule out that the sun might have some kind of mind, but it’s not relevant right now to this story.
Greed. Metaphorically.
Ok. What does it eat metaphysically?
Physically energy.
Correct. How much energy can it ‘eat’?
Infinite until it dies. If it dies.
Correct also (except it can’t die)
I believe it’ll morph and evolve
Now bring greed back in to the picture since you brought it up in the first place. What does Bitcoin incentivize humankind to make unlimited amounts of? …out of greed.
Money! Oh I’m scared where this is going
Bitcoin makes money — what do you need to make to get its money?
Money is energy. Everything is energy.
Bitcoin can absorb wasted energy. That no-one wants. Ahhhhh ok I get it.
Ok. You’re definitely on the right track.
You’re talking about billions of years. Ok this just got even more exciting.
Of course I am.
Please share…
Well… Bitcoin creates the incentive for mankind to discover new ways to capture and harness energy. Do you agree?
Definitely. It has infinite possibilities.
Eventually, thanks to Bitcoin’s incentives we will learn to capture tremendous amounts of energy — perhaps even the majority of the sun’s output. Would you agree? It doesn’t have to be in your and my lifetimes, but lets say over the next 50,000 years.
We were discussing this last night. The use of magnifying glasses to create intense controlled heat. Why is that not utilised?!? It’s cheap and it just harnesses the sun. No waste. Maybe it is. Somewhere…
The sun is actually the source of all energy on earth.
Of course. Our sun is our God.
But it is not immortal.
Don’t worry. Bitcoin fixes this.
By leaving Earth?
No. We are saving Earth not abandoning it.
Good! Earth is a miracle. How will we keep the sun alive? Or survive without it?
Here comes the fun part.
I would move mountains…
Even bigger. Two things actually. I would move ____ and ____.
Oh heaven and earth
You want to move earth?! What!!!
Not just earth. Heaven too.
How? Do you know Zeus?
I know mankind and bitcoin working together will generate enough energy to do it.
I live for it
Nothing is impossible with the power of Bitcoin
Exactly. So let’s follow this through.
If you’d asked me 12 months ago, I would have told you were a mad man and run away.
But since discovering and studying Bitcoin my life has completely changed beyond my imagination in a matter of minutes sometimes. Anything is possible.
I agree. What do I have to lose?
Nothing. And what have you to gain? Working towards preserving the Earth forever.
So if we can use this energy to gently move the Sun, which is already moving, but I mean gently change its course, we can save the Earth.
But how do we survive without the sun?
We are not leaving the Sun. If we gently change its course, it is taking us along for the ride. We are locked to our orbit around it. We won’t even feel a thing.
How can I help?
Don’t you want to know where we’re going?
The future
Getting serious, we can, of course, go only into the future, in time.
I’m trying and learning everyday. Learning to communicate effectively at the moment
You’re doing great.
Getting there, long way to go but I’m all about the journey.
Ok where do we go in this galaxy? Where’s better than here?
I can think of two places. The navigators at the time of the trip will decide.
Milky Way?
There’s hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way.
Let’s get started then!
When we arrive we’ll need to complete a maneuver that, without destroying life on Earth, moves Earth into safe orbit around our new star. And we’ll have to gently watch, over millions more years as our sun drifts off to end its life, after having provided us with energy for billions of years.
Combine both plans, if hydrogen clouds are enroute to the new sun.
Yes I’m not a fan of going to new planets. We need to contain the life we have here on this planet. It provides us with everything we will ever need.
Earth is beautiful. Why would we ever leave?
Yes it’s great to see earth from space but travelling to other planets is a waste of energy imo
There is one reason to leave Earth.
Greed needs to fuck off.
Evil greed is on its dying breath already,
I can only hope
Bitcoin is dispatching greed at its very roots.
So why give me your time and wisdom? How can I help? I might just be a pleb?
I’m grateful of course
I’ll explain soon.
Which is?
As we explore the galaxy we may find other civilizations in the primitive condition that ours is in now.
If we’re the first to receive this gift
Indeed. We need to do this without of course revealing to them that there is some alien race that has mastered energy.
Then of course we need to share it
We do. Anonymously so that they become the creators of their destiny.
Now would you like to know how you can help? How you already have?
Yes please
I’d like to publish this telling of the story of “Moving Heaven and Earth”
❤️ Ok
This story should be told often, over many generations, over many millennia.

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