Proof of God

Tomer Strolight
7 min readNov 16, 2022


(If reading this aloud to someone I recommend whispering “Close your eyes” before starting, and do make sure they reopen them when you say “open your eyes” at the third line).

1. The Miracles of God, the Creator

You want to see proof of God?
Witness then these miracles.

Open your eyes.
Look around.
See existence.
See creation.
Your open eyes alone let you witness
The miracle of creation.
The miracle of existence itself.

Observe that you are aware of it.
That consciousness exists.
That you are aware of existing.
Aware of being.
Witness the miracle of being aware.

Aware of being a being.
Awareness of being alive.
Witness the miracle of life.

You are no ordinary being.
You are a human being.
A being with a mind to understand this.
And to learn so much more.
The miracle of understanding.

And you can act on this understanding.
You have free will.
Your fate is not determined.
You can act to make your future.
Witness the miracle of freedom from determinism.

These miracles are all self-evident.
They require no proof.
Open your eyes.
Take in what you see.
Reach the inevitable conclusions.

None of this has to be.
Existence itself did not need to exist.
Time itself did not need to flow.
Order did not need to be.
It was created.
To perfection.
Through unimaginable work and energy and effort.
So that you may live.
Within time.
And learn to understand some part of it all.
And choose your actions.
To determine your journey.
To determine the course of your life.

2. The Miracle of Human Creativity.

You want to know your purpose on Earth?

You have been blessed with all these miracles
So that you too can create.
You are a creation with the capacity to create.
In fact, and in truth, to survive, you must create.

Creativity is an act that begins with opening your eyes,
With learning truths about reality.
Like the truth that you can take action.
Action to change that which is around you.

And by learning about reality
And rearranging its constituents
You change the world
From what it was
Into what you can make it.

You can create a dwelling by rearranging wood and stone
To make it exist in actual reality,
Even though it did not exist in reality
Until you created it.

You can create garments by creating fabrics
which are themselves rearrangements of fibres
from cotton bolls, sheep’s wool or even silkworms’ cocoons
So that you do not have to live in the naked state in which you were created.

You can create a fire,
a meal,
a bed to sleep in,
tools to ease your work,
philosophy to understand ever more,
and art to express your appreciation of it all.

Look at you!
You powerful, creative being.

When you create you fulfill your purpose.
You see your potency.
It’s power,
and it’s limits
The power to understand reality and to change it,
within the limits of the nature that creation imposes.

Your appreciation of your potency
Your appreciation of what you created
Is all you need
To appreciate yourself
To love yourself

3. Co-creation

You are not alone.
You are surrounded by other creative beings.
Other Human Beings.
Your neighbors.
People, who, like you, create.
Who, like you, can love themselves for it.

With your neighbours, you can create much more than you could alone.
You can work together.
Combining each of your creative energies.
To create what you could not create without one another.
You can Co-Create!

Do not forget,
It is only with another human being,
That you have the power to create the greatest creation humans can create:
Yet another human being.
New life!
New, human life!

You yourself are here because other human beings, your parents, acted to create you!
And they cared for you.
And you also enjoy that which your neighbors from all over the world created and made available to you.

Look at how blessed you are
to be a free being
created by and cared for
by god and humans.

4. Loving Your Neighbour

Do you see now why you should love your neighbour?
Do you see why you should love him even as you love yourself?
Because in love, in cooperation, you can create an even more beautiful rearrangement of reality.
This is the proper relationship between all humans —
Brotherly love, Peace, and Cooperation.

5. In the Image of the Creator

To create
as the creator does
For the appreciation of all
Is to act in his image.

Any creation you create,
Uses his creations
It uses that which has been previously created
And is therefore a co-creation with him.

And to co-create with Him
Is to learn from Him and from nature which he created
As your teachers
And to obey the nature he created
And to worship it, and him.

He wants for you to create
With your neighbors
For you are all something he worked so hard to create,
With so much effort, and creativity:
Human beings, a creation capable of creativity itself!

6. Your Work Is Your Testimony

Your work, your deeds,
Your creative and co-creative work,
The best that you can create,
does not need any explanation
or any defence.
It speaks for itself.
It is its own proof.

It is the proof that you worked honestly
Exercising the gifts God gave you,
The miracles of creation,
To make something in this world,
as good as you can make it.

Made by you
and your neighbors
For yourself
And for your neighbors,
And for the rest of God’s creations
And for God himself.

7. Your Creations as Testimony to God’s Creative Ability

Your creations are themselves your testimony
They are your testament,
To show God and others
how good and creative his creations — human beings — can be.
Your creations are a show of your love and skill for creating,
The act of creating being the work most in the image of God, the Creator.

And your creations prove to all how great
is His achievement:
That in creating everything in the universe,
And in creating you and your neighbours,
He created beings who continue in His path
Of endless creation.

8. Judging Your Work

Whatever your work is
Do not judge it in comparison to the work of others.
Judge it only on the basis of whether it is your best work.

You are not here to better your neighbour.
You are here to do your best.
And that is all.
And that is a lot.
And that is sufficient.
And that is how nature and the creator judge it.

9. Your Neighbours’ Work

Do not envy your neighbour’s skill and achievement.
Appreciate it.
Creative skill is holy
Praise their creativity

Work with your neighbor,
In cooperation.

Today, your neighbours are
on Earth.
Because through our combined creativity
We have brought all of humanity together.

We have created creations that send communication at the speed of light.

And created creations that transport ourselves and our other creations
over land,
by water,
And through the air.

We are all united by these creations
to communicate,
to further create,
to trade with,
and to love one another.

10. Choose Love and Creation Over Hate and Destruction

So do not hate your neighbour.
For in so doing you miss out on the opportunity to co-create.
And worse, you risk becoming involved in the act
that is the opposite of creation.
The act of destruction.

You are completely free,
And so you do not have to fulfil your potential of being creative.
With freedom comes responsibility and choice.
You have the ability to hate.
You have the ability to destroy.
You have the ability to lie.
You have the ability to steal.

These are vices.
They are opposites of virtues,
The opposites of love
Of creativity
Of truth seeking
Of generosity, collaboration, and co-creation.

But these vices are acts contrary to your purpose.
And contrary to the purpose of all human beings.
So do not succumb to them.

You must choose to rid yourself of the vices
that lead to viciousness towards your neighbors .
You must choose to replace them with virtues
through loving your neighbors.

Fulfil your purpose to create
In love
In peace
For all mankind’s glory
For the glory of creation
For the glory of God, the creator.