Sound Money and Sound Art — The Common Denominator is Integrity

The Bitcoin Node Sculpture 7.0 by FractalEncrypt

Remember, Bitcoiners Have Integrity

Integrity is hard to maintain in a world of temptation and phoney role models

Cypher from The Matrix eating a steak he knows is imaginary in exchange for betraying his allies.

The Battle for Integrity in Art

Scammers who lost everyone their money years ago came back out to support NFTs.
Gary Vee Grateful for Buyers of Garbage
CryptoPunks worth millions of dollars once.
The image of a tweet that was sold for millions which Jack Dorsey immediatley converted to Bitcoin and gave to a charity in Africa

The Artists of Integrity Resisted

The Impact of Real Art

What Bitcoiners See — Inspiration

What NFT Promoters See — Beauty to Exploit

What Shitcoiners See — Their Own Envy


Winning The War

Mana From Heaven by Chiefmonkey
Absolute Start by Nelly
Bitcoin Mandala by Matt Habel
SATOSH1 x Lady Liberty I. by ENCODE Graphics
Miner #7/16 by Nelly
The Bitcoin Angel by Trevor Jones Art
Dip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah by Chiefmonkey
Image 1 of The PR1MAL CYPHER Bundle by PR1MAL CYPHER
Adjustable Bitcoin Roller Coaster Guy Sculpture by Marcus Connor

Destroying the lies that imprison people