Sovereign, Yet Civilized

Tomer Strolight
3 min readNov 20, 2021

Today’s Reality — Free or Civilized, Choose Only One.

If you want to live in today’s civilization you must accept the rules laid down by its rulers, even if those rules are unjust.

You must use the country’s currency, even though it is produced with no effort by and for those who rule the country. So you must work for money that took no work to produce. That makes you a slave. It is unjust.

You must pay taxes to the rulers, who don’t give you any choice about how much to pay or about what they will provide in return — taxes on your income, on what you purchase, on gains your investments may have experienced. That is unjust.

The things your rulers provide you in exchange for these taxes are not necessarily things you want, or things that are good for you. That is unjust.

These things include an education system that indoctrinates you, while you are only a child, to be compliant to the rulers. That is unjust.

They may include a healthcare system so caught up in red tape and administrative overhead that it restricts actual health care practitioners — doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc …— from giving you the treatment their judgment would lead them to recommend. That is unhealthy.

It includes a political system designed to make power-seeking adversaries compete for power by having you believe they are a savior and their political opponent is an evildoer. In so doing it is a system that divides the population into opposition, fear, hatred, abuse of power, and other highly undesirable effects. That is uncivilized!

Yet, what alternative do you have? If you try to live in this civilization and don’t use its currency, and don’t pay its taxes, and don’t comply with its regulations for the services it mandates, this civilization’s institutions will throw you in jail.

So if you want to opt out you must live in isolation, as a hermit, recluse, or ‘survivalist’ — a troglodyte.

At least, you had to, until now.

Bitcoin Ends the Tradeoff — Choose Freedom and Civilization.

Bitcoin offers an escape from the tradeoff between a life of isolation or a life of slavery. Bitcoin allows people who would otherwise have to live in isolation to connect with one another and to trade with one another, in peace, apart from the currencies that are produced without work by rulers who enslave others and operate freedom-restricting institutions funded by their effortlessly produced money.

That’s all there is to it, really. Bitcoin cannot be produced without effort, nor can it be seized by force. So sovereign individuals can use it to unite with one another, without sacrificing their freedom to any power. Bitcoin is currency for the free people of Earth.

A Time of Transition — We Are in the Early Days Still

It is not surprising that you will hear those who benefit from the enslavement of others denounce Bitcoin. It represents an end to their power over everyone — an end to their stranglehold on ‘civilization’.

Bitcoin is a good thing for the billions of people who, through it, will have the freedom to shrug off the chains of slavery and instead embrace the system that is, somewhat ironically, a verifiable chain of rewards paid only, and in their entirety, to those people who performed the work to create the money.

This will take time. However, the time it takes is shortened by how quickly Bitcoin is adopted. If you want to free yourself begin using Bitcoin now.

Be free and civilized.

Buy, earn, or mine Bitcoin.

Use it.

It is the dawn of a new age — an age of civilized sovereignty.