What Is the Essence of Bitcoin?

Part 1: How Money, Energy and Morality Are Related

Getting to the Essence of a Matter

Essence Lies in Understanding Fundamental Distinctions Between Things

Two Realms For Humans: Ecology and Economy

The Essential Difference Between the Two Realms — Taking vs Trading

Trade Is One of the Essences of Being Human

A Very Important, Yet Brief, Aside:

Back to Our Main Topic: Fairness and Justice are Concepts of Trade. Human Morality Arises From Trade.

Money’s Essential Role in Human Morality

The Immoral Humans

Distorting Morality Through Distorting Fairness

Bitcoin: Stopping Immorality in Its Tracks

Bitcoin Has the Immoral Class in a Complete Panic.

The Essence of Bitcoin: Enforcing Moral Laws Which Can Be Broken Through Inviolable Functions Which Can’t Be Broken.

Bitcoin Changes Everything That Is Economically Immoral

It Is Just a Matter of Time

We Can Make It Happen Faster

Destroying the lies that imprison people