Why Bitcoin is the Most Important Thing Happening in The World

The Magical Miracle of Money

Money is a tool unique to humans. It coordinates human activities and allows for voluntary cooperation between people on a scale so grand as to dwarf anything that we could accomplish without it.

Money Creates Civilization

Given access to it, humans will use sound money to create a civilization in which an overwhelming majority of them can apply their talents and time to obtain their essential needs and other values that will delight and inspire them. As they develop and their inspiration drives them towards greater accomplishments, money allows civilization itself to adapt by re-coordinating human action.

The Destroyer — Dark Magic Money

Unfortunately, there are people who tamper with money and its magnificent coordination process.

In the Long Term We Can and Should Thrive

We are not all dead in the long term. For one, we each live longer, healthier and happier lives when we focus on the long term and are permitted to plan for it. Eating well and in moderation, exercising, developing preventions and cures for disease all extend our individual lives. Saving for the future lets us live without anxiety over how we will care for ourselves later in life.

Magic Internet Money Can Rescue Humankind and The Earth

Good money that allows humanity to coordinate its activities peacefully for the long term is desperately needed. It is good for individuals. It is good for humanity as a whole. It is good for the environment.

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