Why Bitcoin is the New Frontier

Tomer Strolight
2 min readMar 21, 2021

Once, it was the ‘new world’ that represented the frontier. After, when the Americas became settled we believed that space was the next, and famously, final frontier.

But we have now an altogether new frontier to turn our attention to. And it is called Bitcoin.

For those with the curiosity to look, Bitcoin has emerged as a vast and mysterious space to explore, with treasures, dangers and untold potential. And similar to the Statue of Liberty’s beautiful but no longer true invitation, bitcoin beckons those who are tired, poor and yearning to breathe free to enter its realm and bask in the light of its gifts.

The bitcoin frontier exists atop the entirety of the Earth and human civilization. It is accessible to practically anyone, anywhere. It beckons and rewards its explorers to discover new sources of energy. It encourages them to focus on long time horizons. It liberates them from arbitrary decrees of soul-sucking bureaucracies and institutions.

Like any new frontier, though, the going is not easy. The exploration and development involve hard work, difficult challenges, extreme patience and even danger to life and limb. But the reward promises a reclamation and even discovery of new freedoms essential for human thriving. Such freedoms are now disappearing from the world. Yet, to those who choose Bitcoin, they are well worth the effort and the risk required to recapture them and rebuild them in an indestructible manner.

So we go forth into this new frontier: bravely, curiously, openly, and transparently, and invite the world to watch us and join us. Bitcoin is truly a place that gets better with time and effort, and it is open for everyone to come to, whenever they are ready.

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