Why Bitcoin is Worthy of Being Loved

Tomer Strolight
3 min readApr 13, 2021

How does one earn and keep the love of others?

Love is Conditional

First, to be loved, one must be worthy of love by offering something of irreplaceable value to those who will love it.

One must never taint the love through any betrayal of that worthiness.

One must be prepared to be wholly scrutinized, without restriction, by those who evaluate it. Anything less than complete honesty and transparency would be concealment, perhaps of something that is not worthy of love.

Bitcoin Meets These Conditions of Being Love-Worthy.

Bitcoin says to every individual on Earth:

I offer you the greatest instrument for money that has ever existed — bitcoin.

My construction ensures this instrument’s supply is capped and knowable to you. It cannot be taken from you by force. You can give whatever portion of what you own to whoever you want to give it to, for any reason. You can use it to store the efforts of your work for any duration of your choosing, even one that extends beyond your lifespan or the existence of the nation in which you reside.

I am bound to keep these commitments to you by nothing less than the inviolable laws of physics.

“Look upon me and you can verify all these claims. I ask not for your trust. I stand before you naked, open and transparent. You can inspect every part of me. My code is open and public. My records are public. You are welcome to keep copies and verify their accuracy continuously.

“If you can find any flaw in my claims, you may change me to correct me. But it must truly be a flaw, for I am watched over by millions of others, and they will prevent any changes to me that will lead to a betrayal of my commitments.

I will never force you to accept me, let alone love me. However, whenever you are ready, I will be here ready with my offer. I will never reject you, under any circumstance, no matter what actions you have taken before. I am here to be judged, but I do not judge you.

Bitcoin is Magnificent

Bitcoin is a completely transparent and consensual system of reliable money for every human being on Earth — all who are now alive and all who will ever live. It is an extraordinary invention.

There is a saying that “the love of money is the root of all evil”. However, that saying refers to any individual’s greed to personally obtain excessive amounts of it at any cost. Loving a system of good, sound, honest and transparent money, because it is good for you, for humanity and for the Earth can not be evil. Loving it is the rational and emotional response to experiencing such a system of money. Bitcoin has earned the love of millions. If it hasn’t yet earned yours, it awaits, patiently, for whenever you are ready.

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