Why We Need Bitcoin

Tomer Strolight
3 min readApr 20, 2021

You’re Magnificent

You are magnificent! You’re a once in the history of the universe event. Nothing quite like you has ever existed before. And when you’re gone, nothing exactly like you will ever exist again.

When you’re truly being yourself, nobody can do what it is that you do in the special way that only you can. Nobody can appreciate the joy of it quite as much as you can, because only you fully experience you being yourself. You’re unique, and special and extraordinary.

You’re here to do what you do and to enjoy getting to do it, and also to be genuinely appreciated for doing it by those people who genuinely appreciate you for being you. There is no greater feeling in the world than that.

Before we move on, take ten seconds to really realize how much you love yourself deep down inside. Now take ten seconds more to realize just how much you want to be you — how much you love to be you.

An Age of Wonder Awaits

We live in an age with all the resources to make something truly magnificent possible. We can make a world in which you and so many others can have the ability to live long enough and with enough wealth to fully be yourselves and thus to fully experience who you are.

The wealth I’m talking about is not wealth in the sense of luxuries whose purpose is to show off how much money someone has. Those things are pretend wealth. People pretend to get happiness from those. But such luxuries contribute nothing when it comes to us being ourselves.

The wealth I am talking about is the wealth to free you to be yourself and to be free from unnecessary, unhealthy worries. We already have enough knowledge to produce so much abundance it is beyond imagination. That wealth can grow by incredible leaps and bounds as humankind learns how to do more magnificent things from the discoveries and efforts of people who are being their most magnificent selves.

You experiencing you being yourself and seeing other people being themselves is the true feeling of being wealthy. It is the feeling of freedom.

We Need One More Thing to Enter This Age

To enter this age where we can be our magnificent selves, we need something in particular. The choices we each make about what we do with our time and energy need to be choices we can rely on.

However, if masters exist who can wave their wands over us and make our previous efforts suddenly worth less, or worthless, we become disconnected from our selves. We end up playing a game of trying to anticipate the whims of those masters, becoming their puppets. Or we plead with them to bestow their favour upon us, becoming beggars. But we are not puppets and we are not beggars. We are each magnificent, heroic HUMAN BEINGS.

The thing we need to set us free is sound money. We need a tool which every human being can use to objectively judge what value they put on their time and energy. We need an instrument whose integrity can’t be manipulated by anybody, no matter how rich or how powerful. We need money that we can rely on at any place and any time to exchange what we do magnificently for what others do magnificently. We need to be in control of our lives if we are to be ourselves. Without sound money we are under someone else’s control. To become our magnificent selves we need sound money. We need Bitcoin.

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