Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Bitcoin

Tomer Strolight
3 min readApr 17, 2021

We Fear What We Believe is Dangerous.

The purpose of fear is to keep us away from that which will harm us. However, we have no way of automatically knowing what can harm us. That which is unknown to us may be dangerous or beneficial. We need to somehow learn which it is, and under which circumstances. A knife is a good example. It can be quite dangerous, but when we learn to wield it safely it is a tool we can use to prepare food, which is beneficial. We often start life fearing knives, but come to view them merely as useful tools.

Learning is a Gradual Process

The first time you tried to stand up, you fell down. But with practice you got better. The same happened as you learned to walk and eventually to run. When it came to walking you knew it was something you wanted to do. You could see all the other people around you doing it and you could see the benefit of being able to get to where you wanted to be.

When it came to learning different skills you may have wanted to learn some more than others and that in part is what lead to you being you.

Don’t Let Others Instill Fear in You

Someone could have tried to scare you off of learning to run — maybe someone even did. “It’s bad for your knees!” they might have warned. Some warnings are fair. But most are overblown. Most people can in fact learn to run safely without destroying their knees.

Why Learn to Use Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new form of something that just about every human being needs to use every day — money.

Bitcoin is quickly becoming superior to all previous forms of money, including what we use now. If you want to be able to use money to buy things in the future it’s already the best choice you have for saving.

Don’t Fear Bitcoin — Learn it. Perhaps Even Master It

When it comes to Bitcoin don’t let others scare you into believing that it is a scheme to take your money or that it is dangerous to the environment. It is neither.

Like all new things, Bitcoin takes time to understand and become proficient at. However, as described above, fearing a new thing before understanding it can lead you to mistakenly thinking that it is dangerous, when it is in fact very beneficial.

Recognize first that Bitcoin is not an all-or-nothing bet. You can learn gradually. You can start by acquiring just a little bit of bitcoin. And then you can both learn about it and experiment with it. If you mess up and lose it all, while it’s only a little bit, it will be just like that time you learned to stand up after trying and falling down at first. Eventually, you’ll understand more and be more practiced. In time, you’ll become comfortable and even expert, just like you have with so many other things you’ve learned.

Bitcoin is Also a Community of Teachers and Coaches.

You will find that the Bitcoin community is incredibly eager to share with you what they’ve learned and to help guide you on your learning journey. Bitcoiners, as we call ourselves, have enthusiasm and passion for a world of reliable, sound and honest money that welcomes everyone in the world to use it. We will explain things to you, answer your questions and try to protect you from hurting yourself too much (although some painful lessons may be in store for you anyways).

In time, we hope you’ll come to appreciate and benefit from the advantages Bitcoin offers. In fact perhaps you’ll become so enamoured by it that you’ll join those who sing its praises to other newcomers, like you once were.

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