This article is here to help you find what you’re looking for from what I’ve authored. I have written several collections of articles about Bitcoin and have decided to organize them here for readers.

There are three collections so far:

This is a declaration of peace!

I will not fight you.
Because I do not need to.
I do not want to fight you.
One of us might get hurt, or even killed, and it might be me.
But if I needed to fight you, I would.
Thankfully, for both our sakes, I don’t.

I of…

Facebook asks “What’s on your mind, Tomer?”

Thanks for asking, Facebook. Let me tell you what’s on my mind.

A lot.

But at the top of my mind is Love. Capital L love. …

A second, hidden crisis that needs to be treated with sympathy.

Mr. Trudeau,

There are two health care emergencies in this country. I wish to make you more aware of and sympathetic to the second one.

The first, obviously, is the spread of Covid 19 that has lead to many deaths, especially in our aged and vulnerable population. However, the second…

A Whole Moral Code in a Single Sentence: The Golden Rule

It is amazing that something so complicated as a moral code could be summed up in a single sentence. A moral code is, after all, a set of principles that are meant to govern all your actions. These includes actions you take both unto yourself and unto others.

Most people…

I wrote this piece to support Swan Bitcoin’s initiative that is shares its name with. Please participate in the campaign by tweeting a picture and a sentence with two hashtags: #BitcoinIsForEveryone and one for your country.

If you want to hear me read this article, watch this video on YouTube:

Satoshi Nakamoto himself CREATED Bitcoin,
AND he also personified the SPIRIT of Bitcoin.

He was a perfect role model, demonstrating the highest intelligence, the highest integrity and, in fact, the greatest generosity.

Let Us First Discuss His Intelligence:

He solved what experts said was an unsolvable problem — The Byzantine General’s problem.
But he didn’t just…

In my article “Bitcoin is a Test”, I claimed that Bitcoin was a teacher that teaches you about yourself. As it relates to me, Bitcoin taught me that I am a teacher. It also taught me what it means to be a teacher. …

Tomer’s Podcast Appearances

I’ve appeared on a number of podcasts since I started writing about Bitcoin.

Here’s where you can find those appearances. I’ve broken them down into three types of appearances (plus a fourth, my own podcast):

My reading and discussion of this article on the “Smart People Shit” Podcast with Dennis Porter can be watched here or listened to here.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

People ask me, “Can you explain why you dislike Ethereum and…

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