Part 1: How Money, Energy and Morality Are Related

Getting to the Essence of a Matter

If you were to ask the question “What is man?” you might get a clever reply like “Mostly water.” Such an answer wouldn’t be incorrect, but it would hardly be useful. It wouldn’t, after all, tell you the difference between a man and a watermelon or a cup of tea, all of which are mostly water.

If you go deeper and ask the question “What is the essence of man?” you’re in for a very long discussion. That’s a discussion that has been going on for thousands of years. …

I came across an interesting twitter bio for a bitcoiner last week who goes by the handle “Peace of Bitcoin”. It read:

What if I told you, YOU could save earth and help it thrive for eternity? #bitcoinandbeyond I’m here for what happens next… #justmypeace #hodl

I knew this was possible based on a profound experience which showed me how Bitcoin, in combination with humans, would in fact save the Earth for eternity. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that someone else also appeared to have discovered this. So I sent her a couple of direct messages. …

This article is here to help you find what you’re looking for from what I’ve authored. I have written several collections of articles about Bitcoin and have decided to organize them here for readers.

There are three collections so far:

  1. Why Bitcoin, The Series: Twenty-Five short articles (2–4 minutes long) with original takes on Bitcoin that are suited for everyone from pre-coiners (total beginners) to experienced veterans.
  2. Who Are The Bitcoiners?: Articles about the people in Bitcoin and the incredible culture of integrity they have developed. How and why Bitcoin forms this community with its extraordinary values.
  3. Deep Takes on Bitcoin: Longer reads that go deep down the Bitcoin “rabbit hole” for people who are ready to explore topics about Bitcoin that go way beyond “digital money”.

Are you ready to go deeeeeeeep down the rabbit hole? You’ve Come to the Right Place

I’ve got lots of stories to write here, but each one takes a lot of time and energy to produce — almost as much as a new Bitcoin block.

1. How Bitcoin is Like A Giant Cybernetic Meta-Brain

Not only is Bitcoin life-like, it adapts to its environment to survive. One adaptation it has made is that it has developed a means of becoming aware of the world it exists in and solving its problems. It does this by creating a brain-like structure in which bitcoiners themselves play the part that individual brain cells play in brains!

2. Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value Is That It Is the Most Excellent Money That Exists

Proving that Bitcoin beats anything else that ever existed as money using…

Where Did Bitcoin Come From?

We don’t know.

It mysteriously appeared.
It was introduced by a mysterious figure.
Nobody knows their true identity.

Bitcoin is an invention.
Like all inventions, it does something that nothing before it did.
However, Bitcoin is unlike any invention we have seen before.
Many people who study Bitcoin closely eventually give their head a shake and say “How did any person manage to come up with this?”. Often, for at least a moment, they are also struck by thought “Was it even a person who came up with it?”. …

Photo by tawatchai07 —

Bitcoin Tests You

Bitcoin tests your curiosity.
Bitcoin tests your intelligence.
Bitcoin tests your patience.

It tests your character.
It tests your honesty.
It tests your integrity.
It tests your courage.

It tests your willingness to take risks.
It tests your care in avoiding unnecessary dangers.

It tests your ability to distinguish the truth from a lie.

It tests your conviction.
It tests your skills.
It tests your creativity.
It tests your independence.
It tests your relationships.
It tests your priorities.

It tests your mind.
It tests your body.
It tests your soul.

Bitcoin shows you the results of these tests.
Sometimes it rewards…

(This article is likely to find its way into debates between bitcoiners and the advocates of gold or central bank currencies who hold that bitcoins fail a test of having ‘fundamental’ value.)

Intro: Money, it turns out, is a confusing topic.

People are confused about what money is. That’s partly because they’ve never had to think about it before. However, with world events being what they are we now do need to think about what money is.

When asking the question of what money is, we discover that few other people have thought about it either — even fewer since the digital revolution transformed our world. …

Bitcoin is Easily the Most Misunderstood Phenomenon in the World Today.

It’s not easy becoming the most misunderstood thing in the world. To be massively misunderstood, people must first be aware of a thing’s existence. Then, despite so many of them being aware of it, it must somehow elude being understood. Yet, this is the situation in which Bitcoin finds itself.

Somehow, just about everyone in the world is aware of the existence of Bitcoin. This itself is profound, since Bitcoin is, at its core, just a piece of software that keeps track of coins that exist only in the digital realm.

Bitcoin isn’t even a company. It has no employees…

I have written several stories that attempt to describe bitcoiners, not Bitcoin itself.

1. Bitcoiners Are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity

My most read article to date. It explains the issue of why bitcoiners seem hostile towards people suggesting they can ‘fix’ Bitcoin.

2. Rich or Poor, Bitcoiners Have What Money Can’t Buy

A short, four minute read, explaining how becoming a bitcoiner is a process that leads to self esteem, intelligence, friendship and more of the things that money can’t buy.

3. Don’t Tell Me There Are No Heroes in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a movement that calls upon people to do heroic things. This article puts the term ‘heroic’ in the right context for Bitcoin and describes those in its history that have been heroic.

4. Bitcoin is a Test

Bitcoiners must…

You can listen to this essay at the start of this episode of Citizen Bitcoin:

— — — — — — — — — —

“There are no heroes in Bitcoin.”

This expression is often cited in the Bitcoin community because many people elevated to that status have ‘fallen from grace’.

It’s better, some suggest, just to have no heroes in Bitcoin in the first place so as to avoid the pain of having to “slay our heroes.”

Let us ask ourselves the question “What are heroes?”

Heroes stand up for the little guy.

Heroes act courageously to resist wrongdoing.

Tomer Strolight

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