Deep Takes on Bitcoin

Are you ready to go deeeeeeeep down the rabbit hole? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Tomer Strolight
3 min readJul 24, 2021

I’ve got lots of stories to write here, but each one takes a lot of time and energy to produce — almost as much as a new Bitcoin block.

1. How Bitcoin is Like A Giant Cybernetic Meta-Brain

Not only is Bitcoin life-like, it adapts to its environment to survive. One adaptation it has made is that it has developed a means of becoming aware of the world it exists in and solving its problems. It does this by creating a brain-like structure in which bitcoiners themselves play the part that individual brain cells play in brains!

2. Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value Is That It Is the Most Excellent Money That Exists

Proving that Bitcoin beats anything else that ever existed as money using logic and facts.

3. Why People Wonder if Bitcoin Is Alien Technology

Nothing else on Earth is engineered like Bitcoin. Find out what aspects of it are so incredibly unique that people looking at them ask themselves if it came from somewhere other than Earth.

4. Bitcoin Is a Test

A three minute reflection on how Bitcoin itself challenges us and changes us.

5. “Moving Heaven and Earth” — How Bitcoin and Humans Will Actually Save the World

There’s a long and wonderful journey ahead.

6. What Is the Essence of Bitcoin?

What is the essential distinction between life in the ecosystem and life-like things in the economy? What does this have to do with human morality? How does Bitcoin fit in?

7. Painting a Portrait of Bitcoin

A five minute read that will help you visualize what Bitcoin would look like now if you could see it.

8. The Problem With Ethereum

Why Ethereum isn’t really a revolutionary system, but a class system, in which the ruling class exploits the working class to benefit the wealthy class. A contrast to Bitcoin. This is my most popular article ever.

9. The Bitcoin Rule: Do Unto Others and Be Done Unto By Them Only By Mutual Agreement

Bitcoin makes it possible to live by the highest moral code, not just in theory, but in practice. I call this code, The Bitcoin Rule.

10. Bitcoin Is a Declaration of Peace!

Bitcoin turns everything upside-down and inside-out. Instead of declaring war on each other, it allows us to declare peace!